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sin título by Theo Gosselin on Flickr.


sin título by Theo Gosselin on Flickr.


Endorfina e Cortisol by Mattheus Mota on Flickr.


Endorfina e Cortisol by Mattheus Mota on Flickr.

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He’s useless in a hospital!

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"Call 1-800-steemer. Stanley Steemer gets carpets cleaner!"


God damn it now I can’t stop imagining xtina singing jingles.

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If you’re going to trash trans people online, don’t be surprised when they kick you out of their club | Lesbilicious ↘


Last week, the the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, one of London’s most famous gay bars, kicked a woman out of a club night simply because she was a lesbian. This is explicit lesbophobia in the gay community, and proof that London’s LGBT community is deeply misogynistic. 

…or so some people might have you believe.

You may have seen a video that’s been doing the rounds on Facebook, of a woman called Cathy Brennan arguing with a bouncer about why she was ejected from Bar Wotever on 11 June 2013. The video shows her repeatedly insisting that her sexuality must be the reason why she was kicked out, and since then she’s tried to persuade anyone who will listen that the Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a sexist establishment which discriminates against lesbians. The issue here is that Tuesday was no ordinary gay night, and Brennan is no ordinary lesbian. The night in question was Bar Wotever, arguably the UK’s most famously trans-friendly queer night.

And Brennan is a radical lesbian feminist who believes that trans women are really just men in disguise. She trolls trans people on Twitter telling them who they are and who they are not, and she trawls dating sites, taking screenshots of openly trans women so that she can humiliate them on her own website, ‘Pretendbians‘.

Earlier that day, Bar Wotever were alerted to the fact that Brennan was planning to go, and they made the decision to bar her from entering.

“The Royal Vauxhall Tavern management and the Wotever team agreed that because of her history of harassment of members of the Wotever audience, Brennan would not be permitted entry,” explains Dr J, one of the Wotever Crew. “However, she arrived in a group and we missed her coming in. As soon as we were alerted to her presence, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern security asked her to come outside and talk, and she was denied re-entry to the premises.”

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This is exactly why we have this technology

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Brooklyn-based photographer Ben Franke recently teamed up with local Parkour athletes to create a photo series showing off their remarkable talent.

Before capturing them in action, Ben coated his subjects in a layer of flour, creating a stunning visual effect that shows the passage of time.

Photographing the Talent of Parkour Athletes

via Feature Shoot

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